bioAbout Me:

hello! I am the mother to three crazy munchkins and wife to an amazing guy who I am still madly in love with! I am a sucker for love and have devoted my photography to capturing the love between a bride and groom. I love to laugh, I typically cry at weddings, and I will most likely get up close and personal! My clients always turn into my friends! So be prepared to be hugged, laughed with, and all out crazy during our sessions.

About My Work:

I am a hybrid photographer which means I shoot in both digital and film mediums. I have a passion for film and the emotion it creates. Time stands still with film and emotions come to life.  With that being said, digital mediums are also very valuable and I strongly believe combining the two will result in amazing photographs that will tell your story. I strive to capture the things that will matter most not only today, but 30 years from now as well.

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